July 22, 2024

Red Lips as well as reverse liner With the as well dealt with Funfetti set as well as Sydney Amaryllis Matte Lip liquid From The Body shop

A lil’ bit of reverse liner today with the as well dealt with Funfetti set
Reverse liner.

Sounds kinda funny, right? Like, if there’s a reverse liner…shouldn’t there likewise be a ahead or a sideways liner too?


Ne? OK, perhaps not.

But there is such a thing as reverse liner. It’s really legit. It’s when your lids are darker than your liner, which is the opposite of the typical style of using a darker color along your lash lines than your lids.

I did it today to do something different as well as exercise my makeup skills.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Oh, gosh. I’m still so out of method after having Connor Claire. Honestly, makeup is a perishable skill. If you don’t utilize it, you freaking lose it.

So this look is a bit different for me since of the reverse liner, however I still did smoky lids…because what else am I gonna wear? You understand exactly how much I like smoky lids.

I utilized the new as well dealt with Funfetti set, which goes on sale tomorrow (Nov. 11) on HSN.

A lighter liner on darker lid
I likewise tried something different with my lids. I mixed a few of the Funfetti eyeshadows together, as well as by “mixed” I indicate that I took a dark matte purple, a shimmery bronze as well as a shimmery olive from the palette, swooshed them all together with a clean on the back of my hand, as well as utilized that to make my own custom-made color. then I patted that on my lids.

I just felt like producing my own color today. I don’t know… I’ve been into that lately.

The shades marked with the heart are the ones I used

Red lips make me smile! I’m using The Body shop Matte Lip liquid in Sydney Amaryllis
And here’s the look with the nude Funfetti gloss
For the liner, I utilized light bronze After Party, likewise from the Funfetti set. I wet my brush, dipped it into the shadow, then utilized that to line my upper lash line.

Since reds seem to go well with bronzes, I likewise did a matte red lip utilizing The Body shop Matte Lip liquid in Sydney Amaryllis. The warmer tone just spoke with me.

If red isn’t your thing, though, you might quickly opt for a nude lipstick or gloss. I believe they’d likewise look pretty.


Going back to reverse liner for a second, I believe that one of the very best things about it is that you can see a bit somethin’, somethin’ when you wear it as well as you look down, however when you look forward, it just appears like you’re using routine eye makeup. So it isn’t as well cray. It’s great if you want to try something different, however not as well different.

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